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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

The Team of 2023

2024 Staff List


Khaled Elhage

Deputy Principals (also Curriculum & Instruction)

Grace De Giorgio (K-2)

Lisa Hughes (3-6)

Assistant Principals

Kirsty Kellaway (Early Stage 1)

Mairead Wallace (Stage 1)

Laura Roberts (Stage 1)

Anh Pham (Stage 2)

Jeffrey Micallef (Stage 3)

Hayleigh Larrosa (Learning Support)

Business Manager

Janise Williams

School Administration Manager

Tracey Carlsson

School Administration Officers

Judy Chalkley

Donna Jackson

Class Teachers

Early Stage One

Kirsty Kellaway - AP (K Platypus)

Sarah Maday (K Possum)

Anne Chandros (K Wombat)

Veronica Romeo (K Wombat)

Daniela Pintabona (K Bilby)

Veronica Romeo (K Bilby)

Anne Metdcalf (K Sugar Glider)

Katie Gaut (K Emu)

Sarah De Celis (K Gecko)


Stage One

Zoe Barnes (1 Dingo)

Tahmina Nishat (1 Cassowary)

Mairead Wallace -AP (1 Dugong)

Mary Molloy (1 Koala)

Michele Carter (1 Quokka)

Kathy Marks (1 Quokka)

Wijdan Khan (2 Goanna)

Mohammed Eid (2 Kangaroo)

Laura Roberts - AP (2 Kookaburra)

Sirine El Mir (2 Echidna)


Stage Two

Maria Kearney (3 Rosella)

Emma Mayorga (3 Wallaby)

Katrina Kanga (3 Quoll)

Anh Pham - AP (3/4 KoCrocodile)

Maddison Phillips (4 Cockatoo)

Sophia Mushi (4 Blue Tongue)


Stage Three

Stephanie Perras (5 Magpie)

Stefani Rnjak (5 Galah)

Jeffrey Micallef - AP  (5 Bandicoot)

Samantha Renzi (6 Numbat)

Lisa Pellegrino (6 Lorikeet)

Markos Yanni (6 Potoroo)


Community Language/RFF/QTSS

Silvana Cordi (CL Italian)

Ester Prada (CL Italian)

Luciana Saramel (RFF)

Rachelle Clark (RFF)

Kathy Marks (RFF)

Despina Soulos (RFF)


Teacher Librarian

Ashrafi Pogalva

Library Administration

Jo-Anne Reardon


Stephanie Walker (LaST)

Hayleigh Larrosa - AP (LaST)

Angela O'Beirne (EAL/D)

Omar Obeid (EAL/D)

Katrina Pauk (EALD)

Austral Community Preschool - Phone 9606 0753

Mervat Agaybi (Director)

Rebecca Mortlock

Theresa Gauci

Rachael Jones

Reema Kakkar

Saba Malghouth

Jeanette Nettle

Jasleen Sethi

Josie Furina

School Counsellor

Lauren Goldring

School Learning Support Officers

Basma Matti

Katrina Linsley

Sonia Comin

Lisa Grima

Katherine Baloglow

Zoe Cary

Danielle Green

Sogna Vozzo

Natalija Jeremtsuk

General Assisants

Kim Croucher

Keith Xerri

Rick Faulkner


Nicole Carrasco

Rosa Curtis