Austral Public School

Scholarship, sportsmanship, citizenship

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About our school

Austral Public school is situated in a semi rural area approximately 14 km south west of the city of Liverpool. The school is highly regarded in the community for its attractive native gardens, playing fields and surroundings which engender in the students a sense of pride, respect and ownership. Community values, beliefs and attitudes such as discipline, tolerance, care for the environment and social cooperation are promoted throughout the school system. This encourages students to become involved in the broader community, to prepare themselves for responsible citizenship, for further learning and for productive working lives. A deeper understanding of their own multicultural heritage is developed, leading to a greater understanding and respect for the culture of other peoples. Programs in the school, such as, Language, Learning & Literacy, Focus in Reading, Targeting Early Numeracy, and Italian Community Language program, the computer networking system, physical skills acquisition program and involvement in inter school competitions such as, debating, oracy and sport contribute enormously to the realisation of the schools goals.